2021 Fees

OAWA - $30 (Reduced from $65)
              - $40 for Coaches/Athletes

OAWOA -$20 for new members
-Free for oawoa members that registered in 2019-2020 season

National Fee - $50 if paid by Dec 15, $75 after Dec 15

UWW Fee - $150 

TOTAL FEES BY Official Levels (if just an official, If a coach/athlete add $10)

Provincial Official - $30

National Official - $80

UWW Official - $230

ONTARIO Officials need for 2021-2022 SEASON

-Register with OAWA and pay $40

-Register with OAWOA ($20 for new officials)

-A background check within 2 years  https://www.oawa.ca/background-check-for-officials

-Respect in Sport (within 4 years)

-Rule of 2 (within 4 years)

-Making Headway (within 4 years)
National Officials must complete

-Making Ethical Decisions (National Officials only; within 4 years)





As part of the OAWA's commitment to Safe Sports, OAWA has adopted the following from Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) requirements. For more information on WLC Requirements, please click here

All OAWA Officials will require the following to register for 2022:

Provincial Officials will need a valid police background check within the last two years. Please Click Here for more information.

Officials must complete the on-line Respect in Sport Training for Activity Leaders. This can be accessed by clicking Here.  

In an effort to develop Officials and help in covid recover, the OAWA will cover the cost for New officials to take this module for 2022. Contact OAWA to request a paid code to take the training.

All Officials must familiarize themselves with the Coaching Association of Canada Rule of Two program

All Officials must complete the Coaching Association of Canada Making Headway Concussion Training Module. This FREE module is available on HERE. You will need a my locker account.

All National Officials must have completed the Coaching Association Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation (MED). MED can be found on HERE. You will need a my locker account. Officials who will not participate in WCL events do not need to complete MED Training.  Local Safety Clinics will include Ethical Training.