2023-2024 Fees

OAWA - $50  ($65 if you are a coach or athlete) This fee will be paid directly to the OAWA in the new registration system Via Credit Card

OAWOA - $40

National Fee - $60 ($85 after Dec 31)

UWW Fee -  $150

Fees by Level

Provincial Official - $90 ($105 if you are a coach or athlete)

National Official - $150 ($165 if you are a coach or athlete)

UWW Official - $300 ($315 if you are a coach or athlete)

OAWOA, National and UWW Fees will be paid to your area chair or by e-transfer - oawoatreasurer@gmail.com

To participate in the 2023-2024 wrestling season, officials must complete the following:


Note if you are an athlete/official or coach/official when selecting club - select your actual club.  If you are just an official select OAWOA as your club

2. Register with OAWOA - Click here to fill out the google form

3. Bid Sheet - CLOSED - TOURNAMENT ASSIGNMENTS HAVE BEEN DONE FOR 2024 - please check the homepage for link!

4. A Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) or  Electronic Police Information Check (EPIC)  OAWA/WCL is requiring all officials 18 years old or older to have one VSS on file with them. Once you have a VSC on file, you will be required to submit an Electronic Police Information Check (EPIC) every 4 years. The VSC letter can be downloaded HERE  You will need to check and see if you can go online and apply for your VSC or if you need to go in person- this can take some time (4-8 weeks depending on your area) to complete so please start this ASAP

If you live in an OPP  area, you can do your VSC for FREE online - CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OPP WEBSITE

EPICs must be completed through Sterling Talent Solutions - http://www.sterlingtalentsolutions.ca/oawa

5. Mandatory Training -You will need an account with The Locker for some training, if you do not have an account please CLICK HERE and register.

Safe Sport (within 4 years) - All Officials must take the safe sport training - This is a free module available through the locker

Making Headway (within 4 years) - All Officials must take the Making Headway Concussion Training Module. This is a free module available through The Locker

6. Pay your fees - See Left Side for fees
OAWA fee will be through their registration system. 
You can pay your OAWOA/National/UWW fee by E-Transfer oawoatreasurer@gmail.com please put your name (and those you are paying for if more than yourself) in the notes before sending.
You can also pay your OAWOA/National/UWW fees to your area chair.

Need Help?  - Please fill out this form HERE