If you need to reach a member of the executive please email OAWOAINFO@GMAIL.COM 


Guy Quenville

Guy's Role - Meeting Chairman

Past - Chairman

Ed Zinger

Ed's Role - Assist the Chairman in executing & administering policies

Vice-Chairman Financial

Shelby Tremblay

Shelby's Role - Bookkeeping, budgeting, Bank records

Vice-Chairman Technical

Scott Mauthe

Scott's Role - Provincial upgrade recommendations, technical call interpretations 

Vice-Chairman Communications

Ashley Menagh

Ashley's Role - Maintaining the website, email correspondence, documenting meetings

Vice-Chairman Administration

Marcia Chiasson

Marcia's Role - Trip Selection, Hotel accommodations 

Vice-Chairmen Marketing

Bobby Keomany

Bobby's Role - Organizing & presenting Provincial awards, completing nominations for National awards


Richard Wijnbeek

Richards Role - Attend Meetings and learn about the OAWOA Executive and how we operate, Help out members as needed