Click here to download a letter from the OAWA to take to your local Police station to request your police check.

Want to Become an Official?

Are you interested in staying involved in the sport of wrestling but might not have the time for the full-time commitment of a coach or athlete?

Go to the "Area Chair" tab and email the Official for your area to get more information.

Find out just how rewarding being an official can be! Join the ranks!!

2018/2019 Registration and Bid Sheet

Click the title above to complete the Registration and Bid Process If you are a BRAND NEW official, click here to register with the OAWA as well. Select "Register with a Club" and select "OAWOA" as your club.

**DO NOT pay on the OAWA site, pay ALL of your fees to your AREA CHAIR**

All bids are due by December 1st!

2019 Fees

Provincial Officials                                                                               -OAWOA = $45.00                                                                         -OAWA = $65.00 (Official) or $85.00 (Official & Coach)

National Officials - $60.00

UWW Officials - $140.00

2018 AGM Agenda and Reports